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5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Certified Public Accountant

Obtaining a certified public accountant (CPA) license allows one to perform key business accounting services. However, true success requires ongoing effort. This article discusses five helpful tips for CPAs backed by industry experts.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

State laws require candidates to complete 150 credit hours including a bachelor’s degree before pursuing CPA licensure. Though many choose accounting, any business-related field applies toward licensure.

Additionally, recommended majors provide an understanding of the core principle of CPAs. Completing a bachelor’s program starts one toward certification. Earning a bachelor’s degree is required by law to pursue a CPA license. 150 credit hours including any business-related bachelor’s degree satisfies this. Accounting majors provide foundational CPA principles but aren’t necessary.

Pass the Uniform CPA Exam

The Uniform CPA Exam tests knowledge across business law, taxation, auditing and attestation, and accounting principles. Scoring 75% on each section and meeting other qualifications gain one eligibility for licensure. Passing each rigorous section demonstrates expertise using resources provided by certified public accountant associations. Regular study and practice exams raise chances of passing.

The Uniform CPA Exam tests knowledge across core accounting domains. Scoring 75% on each rigorous section is needed to become eligible for licensure. Passing demonstrates competency to CPA associations overseeing exam resources and preparation standards.

Gain Relevant Work Experience

Licensure boards need verification of work experience providing services relevant to certified public accountants. Options include public accounting firms or private companies in finance roles. Many candidates obtain at least one year of experience post-exam while earning the experience necessary for board approval. Valuable insight comes from on-the-job experience under certified accountant supervision.

Licensure boards require verification of relevant work experience, like at public firms or private companies, providing CPA services before approval. Many gain experience after passing an exam while fulfilling this requirement. Valuable learning comes from on-the-job supervision by certified accountants.

Take Continuing Professional Education

State laws mandate continuing education for certified public accountants to stay informed and remain licensed. Participation sharpens skills through workshops and seminars on regulations, technology, or trends affecting business accounting services. Additionally, such development demonstrates a commitment to excellence through lifetime learning still benefiting clients years later.

State laws mandate continuing professional education for CPAs to stay current on regulations, technology, trends, etc. affecting their services. Participation demonstrates a commitment to service excellence through lifetime learning benefiting long-term clients.

Build Client Relationships

Gaining the trust of clients through great corporate accounting services and straightforward explanations of complex issues is critical to success. Beyond financial considerations, dedication is exhibited via needs analysis and personalized communication. Active networking may result in recommendations, boost clients through reputation, and establish a consistent clientele. Enjoyable work is the outcome of long-term client relationships.

Delivering excellent accounting services and clearly explaining complex issues builds client trust, crucial for success. Beyond financials, dedication includes identifying needs and customized communication. Networking aids referrals and client growth through reputation leading to an enjoyable, sustainable practice.


In summary, a successful career is built on a strong foundation of education, experience, passing tests, ongoing learning, and building strong relationships. Through skillful, valuable corporate accounting services, certified public accountants are driven by a commitment to achieve genuine success. In a sector where legislation and technology are always changing, persistence, enthusiasm, and skill are what keeps one developing.

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